After School Hangout

Welcome! We're so glad you're interested in our Wednesday night after school program. This page is designed to give you more insight into what our program will be like and our goals for your child. This is a completely new outreach for Solid Rock Baptist Church and we are excited to get to know you and your kids.

Bus Pick Up
We will pick up students from the middle school and South Madison Corporation elementary schools on our church bus immediately after school every Wednesday when school is in session for the school year. Our drivers are all CDL licensed and an assistant will be riding along to help supervise children. Middle school students will be dropped at the church to begin their activities while elementary students are picked up.

Homework Help
We always want to make sure students are getting their homework done. We will provide time to complete homework and offer assistance as needed. No homework? No problem, we are happy to help with skill building or games while others finish their work.

Bible Lesson
Each week, we will teach an engaging Bible lesson and spend time chatting with kids. We want to be a light in their world and offer them love and support as they grow.

Game Up
We plan to have lots of fun and games. We want students to be engaged and excited to come see us each week.

Pick Up
We will offer two different pick up times: 5:45 for those who don't wish to stay for dinner and our Wednesday night activities or 8:15 for those who wish to eat dinner and stay for our Wednesday night youth programs.

Safety First
We understand that allowing us to be part of your child's life requires trust. To ensure that we are always meeting the highest standards of safety, every adult helper in our youth programs undergo background checks. We also have adults helping who are CPR and First Aid certified. Our 2+ policy ensures that there are always 2 or more adults with children in any situation.
For more information contact:
David and Kaylynn Young
(317) 989-1251‬